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Does the statement "Can and will be used against you" include Social Media

Many people forget that anything you post on social media can be discovered and used against you in court. The simple rule is not to post anything that you would not want to see as the lead story the next day on your local news source.

In Ward v. State, the Defendant was alleged to have entered an apartment where a robbery occurred resulting in the death of three people. At the trial for felony murder and robbery, the State moved to introduce into evidence a song that police detectives had downloaded from the Defendant’s social media account. The song was titled, “I’m different," and was about a robbery and a murder. After listening to the song and jail phone calls from the Defendant, a detective testified the voice on the song was that of the Defendant. The Court of Appeals found the song was properly admitted as evidence because it was uploaded to social media close in time to the robberies/murders and was highly relevant that the Defendant participated in the crimes.

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