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New Indiana Supreme Court Ruling Affects Your Right to Counsel

Under the Indiana Constitution, a person in police custody must be advised of the right to consult with counsel before being able to validly consent to a search. However, the Indiana Supreme Court has recently held that this constitutional right is not required for a drug recognition evaluation (DRE) in operating while intoxicated cases.

In Dycus v. State, the court held that the right to consult counsel advisement before consenting to a search is required in circumstances involving great risk of involuntary consent and where there is a likelihood that the police will come across inculpatory evidence beyond what they specifically seek. A DRE according to the court is not that type of search because it believes a DRE is specific enough to eliminate the risk of involuntary consent. The court decided that components of a DRE are narrow in scope, there’s no concern that the person in custody will fail to appreciate the magnitude of the rights they forego when consenting to a DRE, and police officers are only going to find evidence of intoxication – nothing more.

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