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Pain and suffering damages

Pain and suffering are two of the most important parts of a personal injury claim. Personal injury victims are entitled to recover damages for past and present pain and suffering from an accident plus any future pain and suffering they may experience. Damages for pain and suffering are different from damages for economic losses such as lost wages and medical expenses.

Pain and suffering are not the same. Pain is a physical sensation. Pain is the awareness that your body has been injured and is followed by feelings of discomfort. Suffering is an emotion. It involves awareness of an unpleasant situation, or a lack of the pleasure the victim could have experienced had it not been for the accident. For example, depression and anxiety often result from a disfiguring facial injury, an amputation, paralysis or another injury that severely limits your life activities.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you prove how your injuries affected you, your life and your family. Steven Knecht helps clients who have been seriously injured in automobile accidents. With 35+ years of experience, he can assist you to secure the best possible recovery in your personal injury case. For more information, call Steven Knecht for a personal consultation.

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