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  • Portable breath tests do NOT count

    Many people believe that they have not refused a breath test in their operating while intoxicated cases because they took a portable breath test at scene of the traffic stop. However, the portable breath tests results are only admissible to establish probable cause for an arrest. Portable breath test results are not admissible at trial because these tests have not been approved by the Indiana Department of Toxicology as being scientifically reliable. Therefore, even if you take the portable field test, you still are required to take the certified breath test at the police station or jail or...

  • Does the statement "Can and will be used against you" include Social Media

    Many people forget that anything you post on social media can be discovered and used against you in court. The simple rule is not to post anything that you would not want to see as the lead story the next day on your local news source.

    In Ward v. State, the Defendant was alleged to have entered an apartment where a robbery occurred resulting in the death of three people. At the trial for felony murder and robbery, the State moved to introduce into evidence a song that police detectives had downloaded from the Defendant’s social media account. The song was titled, “I’m different," and was ab...

  • Midwest Top Rated Lawyers

    Looking for an attorney that specialists in criminal defense, estate planning, personal injury and appellate work? Call Steven Knecht at Vonderheide and Knecht.

  • Plan Your Estate to Donate

    After providing for your family in your estate plan, you can leave your mark by making a gift to help animals. By leaving a gift to the Almost Home Humane Society, Wildcat Wildlife Center and/or Wolf Park, you can be remembered as someone who made a difference for homeless pets and/or the conservation of wildlife.