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  • What is purposeful incarceration?

    When a judge recommends purposeful incarceration for sentencing, what does that actually mean? Lawyer Steven Knecht breaks down the legalese.

  • Why do parents need a will?

    A majority of parents with minor children do not have a will. Even though they may not have many assets, these parents need a will more than a person with a seven figure estate.

  • Jail Myths

    Criminal defense lawyers spend too much time having to convince clients that jailhouse myths are not true. A popular but false jailhouse myth is that a criminal defendant is entitled to a minimum of 3 plea offers from the State, each better than the last offer received.

    In Skirvin v. State, Skirvin argued that he should be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea because his lawyer was ineffective for not providing him with the 3 plea offers from the State that he was entitled to receive. The Court of Appeals ruled that Skirvin’s belief that he was entitled to 3 plea offers lacked merit. The ...

  • Pleading Guilty?

    When a dismissal is unattainable, the best way to resolve a criminal case is often with a plea agreement. Nearly 99% of all criminal cases end with a guilty plea.