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  • Insanity Defense

    Many jurors wrongfully believe that a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity in a criminal trial results in the Defendant walking out of the courtroom without further consequences.

  • Child Support vs. Parenting Time

    The Indiana Supreme Court this week banned agreements that give up parenting time in return for not paying child support

  • Right to Bail

    The Indiana Supreme Court yesterday determined that murder defendants no longer need to prove why they should be entitled to bail setting aside nearly 150 years of prior contrary decisions.

  • Right to Remain Silent

    If you have ever watched a television show or a movie about the police or criminal lawyers, you should already know that the United States Supreme Court held in a case called Miranda v. Arizona that a criminal suspect who is in police custody must be advised of his right to remain silent. If the suspect chooses to remain silent, that silence cannot be used against him in a trial.