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Level 3 Felony

A level 3 felony is a mid-level felony charge in the state of Indiana. Being convicted of a Level 3 felony can have a dire impact on your future. Hiring an experienced criminal attorney in Lafayette, West Lafayette, or Tippecanoe County is imperative to your defense. If you have been arrested, give Vonderheide and Knecht a call as early as possible so that we can go to work for you!

Prison Sentences and Fines

The potential prison sentence is 3 to 16 years in an Indiana Department of Correction facility. The court has leeway in the sentencing for work release, home detention, or even probation. In a Level 3 conviction, only the time in excess of 3 years may be suspended if the person has any prior unrelated felony convictions. However, certain Level 3 felonies concerning a controlled substance can still be fully suspended. The fine associated with a Level 3 felony charge is up to $10,000.00.

What to do if you have been arrested

Examples of a Level 3 Felony are Kidnapping, Rape, Child Molestation, and Aggravated Battery. Don’t wait to hire an experienced lawyer like Vonderheide and Knecht. Many procedural steps must be made after your arrest to protect your rights. The earlier that you hire an experienced attorney, the more you will have your rights protected. Call Vonderheide and Knecht today at 765-423-2557.